I separated my food posts from my family posts by splitting off separate blogs for them.  This became expedient when I realized that I was going to be creating and looking up a lot of new recipes to deal with a thyroid condition.  My thyroid has been in trouble for a few years.  A portion of it “died”.  Or rather turned into a dead spongy mass.  I have not had this removed as it is benign, and not troubling me.  At the time this was diagnosed, I asked the Dr. what was the worst that could happen. He told me I might either lose weight or gain weight, as the thyroid controls the appetite.

He neglected to tell me that it also controls how hot or cold you are, and the body temperature also determines your ability to process fats properly. If your body is too cool, fats will congeal and stick to your arteries instead of passing through as the lubricating liquids they are supposed to be.  This is what makes for arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.  Your thyroid helps prevent this when it’s functioning properly.

Your thyroid also helps regulate your internal clock.  Assisting you in waking up (with the help of your naturally occurring cortisol).  It assists with maintaining your mood (in conjunction with your pituitary output), keeping you from crashing into depression.  It provides the necessary framework for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.  When your thyroid doesn’t work properly, your moods swing, your ability to focus on tasks is reduced,and you are prone to wanting to fall asleep at odd times throughout the day.  When your thyroid functions properly, your energy remains at a more constant rate, your emotional outlook is positive and stable, and your ability to think through problems is enhanced.

Some people have thyroids with a condition which requires that they remove the gluten from their diet.  Not everyone with thyroid problems needs to do this, but for about 20%, gluten makes it possible for the liver to manufacture too much of a reverse t3, which prevents their bodies from functioning correctly.  Reverse t3 blocks the cells from being able to use the t3, which is necessary for the cells to acquire oxygen.  Without t3, even in a room full of pure oxygen, you’ll suffocate and die. If you have a thryoid condition, do have your doctor check for your ability to absorb t3.


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